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The plastic language of Paul Mathieu.

What we can say with clarity about Paul Mathieu’s painting style is that it is defined as being of: An evocative abstract painter.


Characterised by a harmonious colour pallet, his abstraction evokes feelings and emotions, which the creative process is retrieved mostly from nature.

Skies, lands, sea and wind are atmospheres that inherently occupy the space in the canvas surrounding the spectator in an environment of colour, light and movement.

Using diagonal strength lines, Paul imprints the movement that will give the dynamics to his compositions.

Using a harmonious colour pallet combined with luminosity is always present, it will leave a feeling of happiness and optimism, in a frank language, free and direct.


We also recognize elements with oriental influence; black lines enhanced by small brushes of lively colours reveal a developed rigorous aesthetic concern.


Even approaching other themes all his work is guided by these directive lines.


Looking at Paul Mathieu’s works we must try to fit them as a whole and only then find the chromatic diversity and the mass balance light/shade in a dynamic group of overwhelming plastic richness…

Acrilic on canvas 

Mystères de la nature  38 x 46 cm



L'Esprit du Vol 46 x 38 cm 


Romantisme 46 x 38 cm


Out of Africa 100 x 150 cm 


Explosion de Lumière 100 x 170 cm

Impulso 67 x 67 cm


Forças Intrínsecas  100 x 150 cm  (SOLD)

Genesis 100 x 150 cm 

Kaos 60 x 80 cm 

Sem Título 46 x 38 cm 

Sem Título 81 x 100 cm


Vent d'Hiver 60 x 90 cm 


Samuraï  100 x 150 cm 


Esboço g  22 x 22 cm

Esboço l 21 x 21 cm

Esboço p 22 x 30 cm

Esboço s  30 x 22 cm

Atmosphère Marine  38 x 46 cm

Esboço q  22 x 30cm

Arts Martiaux  38 x 46 cm


Esboço a  20 x 20 cm

Esboço f 19 x 19 cm

Esboço i  26 x 13 cm

Esboço n 21 x 30 cm

Movimento II 75 x 65 cm 2020 .jpg

Movimento II 75 x 65 cm


Tempestade Gloria 50 x50 cm 

Movimento I 70 x 70 cm 2020 .jpg

Movimento I 70 x 70 cm



Force de caractère 90 x 90 cm 


Pure Energy 100 x 150 cm  2021.jpg

Pure Energy  100 x 150 cm

The spring is coming 70 x 60 cm 2021.jpg

The Spring is coming  70 x 60 cm

Purple Rain  60 x 90 cm  2021 .jpg
Giboulées de mars 70 x 70 cm  2021.jpg

Giboulées de mars 70 x 70 cm

Purple rain 60 x 90 cm 

Elegance 40 x 30 cm  2021.jpg

Elegance  40 x 30 cm

Ephemeral 60 x 90 cm  2022.jpg
Light in the sky 70 x 60 cm  2022.jpg

Light in the sky  70 x 60


Ephemeral  60 x 90 cm


Between the clouds 90 x 90 cm  2020.jpg

Between the clouds  90 x 90 cm 

_Freedom of movement _ 100 x 150 cm  2022.jpg
Energetic Yellow 81 x 100 cm  2022.jpg

Energetic Yellow  81 x 100 cm 

Freedom of movement  100 x 150 cm 

Optimism 100 x 150 cm  2021.jpg

Optimism  100 x 150 cm

Embrace the Strength  100 x 150 cm  2022.jpg

Embrase the Strength  100 x 150 cm 

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